Day Training

Our certified, professional trainer, Cat Clark, will train your dog in your home while you are at work. A typical day-training program at Bravo Zulu consists of an initial consult and then a number of weeks (determined by the trainer and based on your needs/goals) in which Cat sees your dog several times, wrapping up each week with a transition session to show you what your dog has learned and to transfer the training to you. Cat will teach you how to ask for and reinforce the new behaviors your pup has learned that week, and what to do if you don’t get a requested behavior, etc. After the designated number of weeks, the package will also include some number (usually 1 to 3) follow-up sessions scheduled as needed to ensure long-term success.

Each day training package is customized to your family's and dog's needs. Whether it's basic manners, socialization, leash reactivity or any other number of behavioral issues, Bravo Zulu can help!

Pricing depends on the length of the training program. Contact us for more information

Cat worked with me and my 10-year old Malti-poo to help him adjust after adoption. Starting with basics like “calm on mat” and “spin” helped to build his confidence so as we moved into more advanced areas, like getting him comfortable with a muzzle (for ear cleaning) and dog reactivity, he learned that much faster. Cat is patient with owners like me who are new to dog training and gives you realistic homework and all the support and extra help you need. I basically consider her my “dog tutor” and will continued to reach out to her, and I know my pup is a fan. 🙂

- Google Review

Cat at Bravo Zulu Dog Training was invaluable when my husband and I adopted our dog, Kepler. Beyond the command training, she also taught us to help Kepler adjust to his new home, how to keep his mind and body active, how to read his body language, and how introduce him to the cats at home. She provided in person training sessions, emails with peer-reviewed research, and is always responsive to texts with questions or concerns that pop up. We have now had Kepler for 6 months and I know that he is the confident and secure dog he is today because of Cat’s guidance. She is completely force free and really understands why dogs have certain behaviors, which is so important when dealing with undesired behaviors.

- Google Review

We had a great experience with Bravo Zulu! We have a high energy dog and Cat was able to show us some different games and enrichment activities that helped us to keep our dog focused during training. Training sessions were informative and helped my husband and I to see how we can be more effective with our verbal cues. We were happy with what we learned throughout our sessions!

- Google Review